Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Joel Kotkin and New Geography

Joel Kotkin is an Orange County, Calif professor (check…) He collects his thoughts and those others on urban geography at NewGeography web site and blog. For example, he fisks the common claim that the US has not been investing in infrastructure. But he shows that the pessimists run out the worst examples and ignore the good news. New Geography

And Kotkin's new book: The New Class Conflict at Amazon

"There's class warfare politics in America today, but not between Marx's bourgeoisie and proletariat. On one side are a hyperaffluent financial and high-tech Oligarchy and a preachy media, university, and government Clerisy, using their advantages to promote liberal social values and 'green' policies. On the other are the middle-class yeomanry and an urban underclass, both of which need the mass economic growth and upward mobility that the Oligarchy and Clerisy ignore. Joel Kotkin's The New Class Conflict tells how this conflict is proceeding--and how it might be turned around."
--Michael Barone,Washington Examiner and the American Enterprise Institute


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