Monday, December 22, 2014

Mayor Murray wants more tent cities

What you enable you get more of. Do you want more people on the street (no, in tents, big difference)? Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants seven (7) city-sponsored tent cities with up to 100 people in each. Churches and other religious institutions are allowed to host tent cities with few restrictions.

Mayor Murray set up a task force to study where to put/allow homeless people and this was one of their key recommendation. Did they consider security? Homeless encampments in the past have been shown to attract people with criminal records. Sanitation? One hundred people outside without plumbing?

Seattle Times

Why work to pay rent when the city encourages living in tents for free? The mayor should do everything to encourage more jobs. More people working and paying their own rent. When he makes it easier to be homelessness he will attract more of them both locally and from other places.

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