Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ask Uruguay if terrorists just need jobs

Uruguay on map

President Jose Mujica of Uruguay believed US Sec of State John Kerry: “Root cause: they need jobs.” So Uruguay accepted six Guantanamo detainees and offered them jobs. He is sorry - after only two weeks.

Investors Business Daily:

But when he drove his beat-up Volkswagen to the government housing complex where the six former Gitmo inmates from Syria and Iraq were staying free of charge, Mujica was promptly enlightened.

Seems the Gitmo grads had turned up their noses at several job offers from labor unions as not quite good enough for their refined tastes.

Coming from a background that had led him to believe they'd love a good proletarian position in construction, Mujica was horrified. He called them lazy and lacking a work ethic and condemned them with the worst expletive he could come up with: "bourgeois."

"If these people were humble people of the desert, poor people, they'd surely be stronger and more primitive, but they're not," the Associated Press quoted him as saying. "Through their hands, features and family histories, it seems to me that they're middle class."

The clash of cultures is amusing enough. But it also tells us a lot about the nature of Gitmo's terrorists. Seems they're not just frustrated people looking for jobs, as State Department Deputy Spokeswoman Marie Harf has insisted.

They're well educated, middle class and not terribly ambitious. In fact, from the recent encounter, it seems they think the world owes them a living.

They don’t want his stinking jobs.

Embracing Islamofascism is what lets them shun work and live like bums, all in the name of being on divine mission, men above other men who can do anything or nothing.

He believed deluded John Kerry. Did you know he served in Vietnam?

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