Wednesday, February 11, 2015

No one should be forced to pay union dues

Why should anyone be forced to pay union dues? 

Regarding public employees in Washington — First, the State of Washington allowed public employees to form unions around 2002. Why? They were already in good hands; they could always go over their bosses’ heads and ask the Legislature to consider their plights. The employees didn’t need it, but the Olympia powers wanted more dollars lobbying for bigger government.

Second, the Legislature forced employees to join and pay union dues. It's one thing to allow, but another to force the union.

Third, the Legislature did not create a provision so the employees in a bargaining union could end forced membership. The provision that protects the union is called “union security.” Note that it is security for the union against the people it represents, not for the workers. The employees cannot get out of it.

On the other hand: All members of unions in private businesses have the right to hold an election to “union security” due to the 1935 National Labor Relations Act.  In California and Oregon public employees have the corresponding right. Why not the public employees of Washington?

Senate Bill SB-5045 and House Bill HB-2068 would create a mechanism so workers could petition to hold an election to removed forced union membership requirement. 

I called the Legislative Hot Line 1-800-562-6000 this morning to send the message that I support these two bills. They forward my message to my senator and two representatives.

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