Friday, February 20, 2015

The US Senate is functioning again

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Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid sent me a postage-paid envelope while complaining about what the terrible Republicans are doing now that they kicked him out of his job.

Here is how I responded:

Minority Leader Harry Reid

Senator Reid,

You wrote me to warn me about how the Republicans are running the US Senate. Let’s look at what they are doing.

I know how you ran the Senate for eight years. You violated how the greatest deliberative body in the world has worked for centuries. Most people don’t know this. You did not allow the committees to hold hearings, but ruled with an iron hand.

Senator Cantwell doesn’t talk about how idle she has been for the past eight years. She had nothing to do, because you took away her role.

Senator McConnell has done a shocking thing. He is allowing committee hearings. And he even allows the minority the role it has had for centuries. Don’t minority Democrats talk to you about how they like to be involved?

Your letter is unusual in that it is not just name calling. You included some data and showed how to misuse it. US economic growth is miserably low. Taking out the two miserable years of the recession that ended in 2009 it is still low compared to post-WWII growth. If it were higher millions more people would be working. If Obama’s $837 billion stimulus you spent on your political allies had been effective you would have done it again; you didn’t.

I am using the post-paid envelope you provided so I could communicate with you.

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