Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Big Storm

It didn't last that long. But in Washington we had the worst wind storm since at least January, 1993, the "Inaugural Day Storm," and probably since the Columbus Day storm of October, 1962. The 1962 storm was an extra-tropical typhoon, basically a temperate hurricane! Heavy rain that caused flooding was chased by high winds. 70 mph in Seattle. 85 mph farther north near Anacortes. 100 mph at Paradise at Mt. Rainier National Park and 113 at Chinook Pass, which is also at Mt. Rainier. We were lucky. Our power was out for only 12 hours. A blessing. Our son David in Kenmore, about 2 miles away was without power for about 40 hours. And around the corner and half a block up they are past 48 and still out. I can hear generators from our bedroom. In that same block one house had a tree on its power line after two days. And one house burned to total destruction - structural failure - certainly unrepairable. They were breeding Maine Coon cats and most were burned, but a few escaped and are missing.

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