Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rabbi gets Christmas trees removed at SeaTac airport

A rabbit threatened to sue the Port of Seattle, which owns the Seattle-Tacoma airport if he couldn't display an 8-foot menorah. So the Port trashed the trees on December 9. Now he is afraid that the Jewish committee will be viewed as the Grinch. Right. Maybe not the community, but its leaders like Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky. I do blame him for stopping the public recognition of Christmas, as has been done in this country since the first settlement in 1607 = 399 years. KING 5 News reports in a story titled "Rabbi appalled by airport's removal of Christmas tree" He sued, but it's not his fault. "He's appalled." Right. On the other hand I know some public Jews who support the public celebration of Christian holidays. Michael Medved who has a national talk-radio program from Seattle. Rabbi Daniel Lappin of Mercer Island, who heads Toward Tradition. Dennis Prager who has a national talk-radio show from Los Angeles. These are three of the smartest, most articulate people I have ever encountered. All three speak out that Jews have nothing to fear from practicing Christians. The most Christian nations have been and are the best places for Jews to live.

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