Sunday, December 10, 2006

Reduce CO2 - Nuclear power plant planned

The world-wide concern about global warming has led to the widely accepted the solution of decreasing the emissions of "greenhouse gases" including CO2 and methane. How can we do this? Technical solutions will be coming, but are not yet here. Stopping the economic growth of the US seems popular with Europe. But they are not stopping their own, which will reduce these greenhouse gases. Nuclear power does not emit CO2 or methane. The plants are very cheap to run, once they are built. The waste has to be locked up for the long decomposition process. So let's make more use of it. France gets well over 50% of their electricity from nuclear. A plant is under consideration in Idaho. KBCI TV in Boise, Idaho reports:
A Nevada-based company is planning to build a nuclear power plant outside of Bruneau, Idaho. In a letter of intent, Alternate Energy Holdings announced their plans to have a plant up a running by 2008. In a telephone interview, Alternate Energy Holdings President and CEO Donald L Gillispie told CBS 2 News the plant would produce enough energy to power several cities the size of Boise. Gillispie says it would look like a big air conditioner, the tallest part would be no more than 100 ft high, and it would blend into Bruneau's landscape. Gilleispie estimates it would employ about 500 people.
I support it.

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