Thursday, July 26, 2007

Democrats turncoats on trade

The Democrats made a small deal on trade with President Bush in May for agreements with Peru, Colombia, Panama and South Korea . But now, six weeks later, they added a condition that is impossible to meet. They require that another country, Peru, change its laws. They can't blame Bush for what Peru doesn't do. Because they designed their condition to be impossible. Trade has greatly increased the world's economy. (PDF).
What’s common to all those miracles? The Dutch were the first European republic, both tolerant toward all religions (when the rest of Europe was still severely discriminating against many) and with sound rights to property, which opened opportunities for relatively unhindered trade and financial innovation.
If the Democrats are against trade, then they are against you having a job. The State of Washington is hugely dependent on trade. I work for a firm with major overseas sales - and purchases, also. Our son does also. Our daughter works in tourism, hosting foreign tourists every day. Our good jobs depend on trade - two-way trade. Today's Wall Street Journal has more. First, Democrat Charles Rangel says it is politics:
"You take me and the Democrats to the do you think you're going to win?" he says in an interview. "The politics are on our side."
But he is generating rain clouds over his own parade.
The war of words is clouding a trip Mr. Rangel is planning in August to Peru and Panama, where he hopes to meet with local legislators and lay the groundwork for action in Congress this fall. Panama has so far stayed on the sidelines of the debate. But Peruvian President Alan Garcia has written to Ms. Pelosi asking for congressional action before Mr. Rangel's delegation arrives. Mr. Garcia suggests doing so "will send a strong signal to the people of Peru that the United States is committed to finalizing this trade agreement."
Good for Peru's President Garcia! Ask the Dems to keep their word!

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