Sunday, July 01, 2007

Malaria victims versus bald eagle

Millions of lives per year were saved when malaria was controlled by spraying DDT. In Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) there were 2,800,000 cases of malaria in 1948 before DDT control; in 1964 only 17 cases. Then there were 2,500,000 cases in 1969, five years after DDT was banned. Banning DDT killed people and still is. Why was it banned? Due to a semi-scientific book by Rachel Carson, Silent Spring. The book's imaginative scare claims - thin eggshells - caused a stampede to ban despite no solid scientific evidence. The bald eagle has been removed from endangered status. This news has been accompanied by the unanimous claim that DDT caused the eagles' demise. But eagles were hunted near extinction decades before DDT. Blame the hunters so we can move on and save lives by reintroducing DDT to kill mosquitos. Millions of lives per year. Marc Sheppard at American Thinker

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