Monday, November 26, 2007

Show us your proof, distinguished Senator Kerry

Distinguished Senator John F. Kerry has convinced the main-stream media that the Swift Boat Veterans smeared him with lies about his service in Viet Nam during the 2004 campaign. How did he convince the gullible newsmen and women? By showing his records? No. By blunder, his only weapon. T Boone Pickens, the Texas oil investor, challenged Kerry to prove any of the Swift-boat allegation untrue. Boone offered $1,000,000 for just one proven allegation. So Kerry wrote and told Pickens where to send the million. Did he provide any facts? Any records? No. Just "send me the money." Emmett Tyrrel can't control his laughter, writing in the New York Sun:
Well, during the last week I have been following Jean-Francois Kerry's controversy with billionaire investor and environmentalist Boone Pickens, and I believe I am in need of "laughter management counseling." Every time I think of this ponderous stone-headed senator bellowing phony pieties, I suffer a dreadful agitation in the funny bone. I only hope that my health insurance is applicable.
And he is aiding distinguished Senator Kerry by running a count-up clock to see how long it takes for Kerry to produce his Navy records. He calls it "The Crybaby Kerry Clock:"
At the American Spectator

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