Saturday, November 03, 2007

Syria's authoritarian secrecy aids Israel

The facility in Syria that is reported to have been a nuclear plant and was reportedly attacked by Israel - no verification on either - was vulnerable due to Syria's internal secrecy. Israel attacked the site in early September. It is not widely reported, but Syria had bought the best air defenses available other than from the US. So they were stunned that Israel was able to attack. And the reports seem to be that Syria didn't know at the time that an attack was underway. So they were doubly stunned. The Syrian authorities were so secretive about the nuclear site that they didn't tell the military. Duh. "Please defend this such-and-such." "Defend what?" "Don't ask, just defend it." But they apparently didn't. So the authoritarian regime hurt itself by its secrecy. The Jerusalem Post reports on the secrecy. Look at the before and after satellite photos. Syria has leveled the site. They must have something to hide. The attack - Times UK. The clean up, I mean, the cover up - Background at Global

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