Monday, November 26, 2007

US leads the world in competitiveness

The US is on top of the world for competitiveness, the World Economic Forum finds. They publish this ranking of every country every year, using public data plus conducting their own interviews. The US is high due to almost everything - labor market efficiency, financial market sophistication, innovation, infrastructure, business sophistication, even market size helps. We are only middle of the pack on macroeconomic instability. Yes, adapting to changes requires being less stable. Stagnant countries are more stable. And we are second tier for "institutions" and "health and primary education." Read the report at World Economic Forum. Noel Shepherd at News Busters points out that the news media have been almost silent on this good news. Only Investors Business Daily trumpeted it. Time buried the US and featured number 3 Switzerland. After all, George Bush might get credit for good news.

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