Thursday, November 08, 2007

US's good relations with other countries

Don Surber observes that the US is in improved relationships with many countries. France has elected Sarkozy, its most pro-US president in generations. Germany replaced hostile Schroeder with positive Angela Merkel. Great Britain continues the good relationships under Tony Blair with Gordon Brown. Suber at Daily Mail continues:
Again and again, the West is rallying behind pro-American candidates. That’s because we finally have an adult president. We finally have a president who isn’t so self-centered and insecure that he needs 55% public approval all the time. We finally have a president again who wore the military uniform, knows which hand to salute with and doesn’t use the Pentagon as a dumping ground for ex-girlfriends. 53 weeks of active duty training to be a jet pilot. Unless you’ve been a jet pilot (and I have not) button it about Bush’s service. As to our enemies, Bush fixed that little mess that Clinton and Carter (and Richardson) left in North Korea. Actual Americans began an actual dismantling of Pyongyang’s nuke reactor this week. Gaddafi? He quit terrorism and gave up his WMD.

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