Friday, August 29, 2008

Back at work

I started back to work half time Monday 8/25. My energy is still low, so half time is all I can do. Today I put in 3 hours, then did my exercise and some errands. Then I needed 3 hours rest before I could do the last hour. I will continue part-time work until mid-November when Boeing's short-term leave will no longer provide help. I can now walk with full weight. But I have some pain and limp. (This is the most pain I have had since the day after surgery.) Getting even weight both walking and standing is high priority, so I use one crutch lightly loaded most of the time. I am still doing a bunch of exercises to help with range of motion and obscure little muscles no one knows exist. And for over a month I have been riding an exercise bike every other day at 70 to 80% max heart rate. It feels good to get some real exercise. I am doing everything I can for full recovery. I saw the orthopedic surgeon, but I didn't have my big picture questions ready. He told me no more check ups unless I have problems. So I didn't get to the questions I have been putting off to concentrate on more immediate concerns. - How much will I recover range of motion? - Will I be able to do big bike rides and rough hikes? I realize it's my problem and my recovery is up to me. The exercises the physical therapist has me doing will help with having the flexibility to handle rough ground and such. I just wish I had the road map. Thanks for your prayers and support. Broken pelvis

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