Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Ronulans are after me

The rabid supporters of Ron Paul are trying to take over the Republican Party. They have tried going with the Losertarians (Michael Medved's term for Libertarians) to no success. This time they are working the trenches and having some success. It's easy to get started at the grass-roots level because the lowest-level office, precinct committee officer, has a vacancy rate - guessing - of 50% in the RP. So they can get into those slots almost by asking. Where the PCO slot is occupied there is an election every two years, which is always ignored, because it's never contested. This year they are going for broke. They are taking on a powerful, entrenched incumbent - ME. A good looking, soft spoken neighbor who is taller than me (!) is carrying the Ron Paul banner in Sheridan Heights, Lake Forest Park, WA. He makes no pretense of being a Republican or sharing our values. He won't even promise to support our candidates if he becomes the Republican PCO. Our district chairperson Lisa Thwing and her husband Doug are on top of things. They smelled him out immediately and went on the alert. The district helped me get the word out to my neighbors - that I am the real Republican - while I am incapacitated by my injury and cannot doorbell. Broken pelvis

Vote Ron Hebron Precinct Committee Officer LFP-1056 - 32d District

Vote at the polls on August 19 - Check your mailbox now for your absentee ballot Eric Earling at Sound Politics covers some of their techniques.

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