Thursday, August 07, 2008

Proud China promises; China breaks promises

China made many promises to be awarded the privilege of hosting the Olympic games. But proud China only keeps the promises that suit its own agenda. - Open internet access - for the press only? No one knows the scope of the promise of "openness," because the IOC kept the agreement secret. So breaking this promise was with the help of the International Olympic Committee. - Air quality

They tried. They promised good air quality, but continued to build coal-fired power plants. They closed the streets to most traffic last week to clean up the air. First it succeeded, then the smog returned. This is not a broken promise, but a bureaucratic botch job.

BAnning ex-athletes

Joey Cheek gold medalist in speed skating was denied a visa to travel to China.

... This effort cut short by family injury - not me this time.

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