Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election 2008 in King County, Washington

My recommendations. Top priorities are in bold. Except for president and governor they are in the order in the voters pamphlet. Two updates are marked. President: John McCain - he has commanded a Navy flying squadron and been 100% against wasteful and special-interest spending. Governor: Dino Rossi - he worked across the aisle and built a balanced budget. His opponent broke it and continues to. Initiative 985 - For - It's not how I would do it. But it makes congestion improvement the top priority. A foreign idea to the power establishment. Initiative 1000 - Against - It's not "death with dignity," but playing God. It has no safeguards and requires doctors to falsify death certificate. There is no protection against coercion or financial pressure. I-1029 - Against - This is the SEIU - Service Employees International Untion - forcing thousands of low-paid private workers into their government-employees union. Ignore the quality claims; it's a smoke screen. Update And the training stuff sounds good until you realize it might require YOU to be certified to take care of your own mother and/or father. Congress - 7th district - Steve Beren - Jim McDermott is a fossil who only gets attention when he betrays our country. No accomplishments in 20 years except to destroy the House Ethics committee by lying while a member of it. State Lt. Governor - no preference - Brad Owen is a Democrat whose priorities make Republicans happy. Secretary of State - Write in Stefan Sharkansky - Sam Reed embarrasses us. After the 2004 fiasco he did some to make things better, but more to make them worse. Update Treasurer - Allan Martin - He is endorsed by his predecessor from the opposite political party. Auditor - Bryan Sontag - Another Democrat who make Republicans happy. Attorney General - Rob McKenna - doing a great job. Comm. Public Lands - Doug Sutherland - No one pays attention to this office. But his opponent is endorsed by the bigger government people. Superintendent of Public Instruction - Randy Dorn - His opponent created the WASL and flew it into the ground. Insurance Commissioner - John Adams - His opponent is a long-time politician who saw an open job. 32d District Position 1 - Alex Rion - A libertarian who can explain smaller government, limited spending and taxing. He fled Michigan which caused its own one-state recession with its high taxes and miserable leadership. Position 2 - uncontested - Ruth Kagi is a long-time acquaintance. Judges King Superior Court position 1 - Suzanne Parisien King County Charter Amendment # 1 - Yes - to elect the director of elections " #2 - No - just adds more privileged classes. It even requires three terms for homosexuality. " #3 - Yes "#4 - No - Let the voters decide if candidates are qualified for the office they seek. " #5 - Yes " #6 - Yes King County Charter Amendment #7 - No - Makes it impossible to qualify an initiative. The politicians detest initiatives! " #8 - No - Pretending to be nonpartisan doesn't make you so. Sound Transit #1 - No - Another multi-billion dollar boondoggle. Sound Transit is lying when they say the system under construction is on time and within budget. They had to approve a later deadline and a higher budget, so it could "comply," i.e., appear to comply.


Update: A transparent attempt to prevent Dino Rossi from campaigning. Demo lawyers and a judge tied him up for 5 hours yesterday to make a deposition in someone else's law suit. Read about it. And remember King County Superior Court Judge Paris Kallas when she runs for reelection. She made this travesty happen.

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