Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama follows Granholm's one-state depression plan

Jennifer Granholm took Michigan from a roaring success to the only state that had its own recession then got worse in her role as governor. Does Obama want to emulate success or failure? He is choosing failure. Obama Channels Granholm on Green Stimulus - Henry Payne - Planet Gore on National Review Online:
Now we know why Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm is on President-elect Barack Obama’s economic policy team. Judging by Obama’s Saturday economic address, he plans to address the nation’s ills with the same inept policies Granholm has championed for the last six years here in Michigan. Granholm and Obama have much in common: They are both young Democratic party protégés, both are charismatic personalities, and both are left-wing, Harvard-educated lawyers with little experience running anything prior to assuming office. Like Granholm, Obama appears to have little grasp of market economics, but prefers showy public-works programs and utopian visions of bridging a carbon-addicted America to a new green economy that will employ millions.
I am following the new main-stream media standard and not addressing female governors by the title Governor, but by their first name, as in Sarah Palin, not Governor Palin.

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