Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Stranger Publishers Pictures and Addresses of Homes With McCain Signs

PC enforcement here in the Seattle area. If you dare put up a sign for McCain-Palin you might be punished. Do you get the message? You don't want to take that chance, do you?
Like Obama, the folks that run The Stranger "newspaper" in Seattle are all about tolerance... as long as you believe the same things they believe. If you don't, well, then you deserve intimidation and a good "outing." just as Obama has tried to intimidate radio talk show hosts, just like he has tried to use the office of the Attorney General to quash political free speech, The Stanger publication has decided that the best way to force citizens of Seattle to toe the far left political line is to have their homes photographed and their addresses made public for the outrageous crime of having a McCain/Palin sign on their property. Editorial Director Dan Savage, another boring Seattle gay activist, has helmed this intimidation disguised as "humor" in order to attack his political opposition. Good thing ol' Danny is all "tolerant" and stuff, isn't it?
But Dan Savage showed his bravery by taking down the link. I saw this Saturday around 1 pm. When I followed the link it led to Drudge. What? Sure enough, the Stranger had changed their link to the story - - to lead to Drudge. Couldn't stand in the light of day. Newsbusters has an update covering this development, including a capture of the photos and text with the addresses removed.
**Update** 4PM [ET] 11/01/08 Looks like the wimps over at the gay centered "newspaper" The Stranger don't have the courage of their convictions, amusingly enough. They've pulled their story and re-directed the link to The Drudge homepage. Apparently, the Stranger folks just can't take the scorn any more. They know what they did was indefensible and now they are pretending it never existed. One thing is sure. If I had a dollar for every time the curse word f_ _k appeared in this "newspaper" I could comfortably retire after but a month of issues. Apparently literacy is a four letter word to these high-minded inteleckshuals. If you'd like to read the text Hell Houses, the story from The Stranger, G'Willie over at GEOBENT took the time to reproduce it before the "newspaper" took it down.

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