Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Does President O support Pelosi that CIA lied to her?

Does our president support the CIA? They keep us safe. Or politician Pelosi? She said the CIA lied to her about interrogation. CIA Director Leon Panetta says they have records that they told her certain interrogation techniques were being used. Barack, get off the fence: New York Daily News: He's the man with the silver tongue, "a gift," as he once called his inspired ability with words. Yet while a heated battle with national security implications rages around him, President Obama has pushed his mute button. It's been six days since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went wiggy and accused the Central Intelligence Agency of repeatedly lying to her and others in Congress, saying "they mislead us all the time." But Obama has not said a single word on the subject. His press secretary has brushed off efforts by reporters to learn whether Obama agrees with fellow Democrat Pelosi or with Leon Panetta, his CIA director. Panetta, a former Democratic congressman himself, forcefully rejected Pelosi's charges, which, if true, would constitute serious crimes.

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