Saturday, May 30, 2009

Self-motivated citizens show up union/government workers on assignment

Liberty Belle got 400 people from around the state to Westlake Park to counter the astroturf march for government takeover of our health care. Her report: Redistributing Knowledge:
Ladies and gentlemen of liberty: Today was my favorite protest of all time. You know I love the Tea Parties, but today takes the cake thus far. Why? Because we had barely three weeks (and no money) to mobilize against a heavily funded and well organized opponent. Almost 400 people from all over Washington State drove themselves to join our counter protest against the ugly beast of socialized health care. Our people made their own signs, by hand. We had no chartered busses, paid for by the unions, to drive our people to Seattle. We had no money to preprint signs and t-shirts to hand out to our people as our opposition had from the unions and Planned Parenthood. But you know what we had that they didn't? Heart. Passion. Spirit. Deep convictions and a principled belief in freedom, liberty, and justice for all individuals. We had life and hope on our side and everyone knew it. They knew it too. They had a rock band. We had two bagpipers in full regalia. Their emcee tried to get chants started using a very sophisticated and professional sound system, to which their people limply responded. We screamed ourselves hoarse, sweating in the hot sun, with not even a bullhorn in sight. Everyone had a great time too! People smiled and laughed and got to know one another. We shook hands, patted backs, and gave hugs. People bought water to hand out to their fellow protestors. We sang Amazing Grace and the National Anthem. We waved American flags. We met new friends. It was obvious to everyone that was there that we won. We may have had a smaller crowd, but we weren't bought and paid for, and it showed. I will never forget the look of shock on their faces as they marched into Westlake and saw us across the street. They couldn't believe it because we've never stood up to them before. It was the most joyous sight I could ever hope to see. Their guest speakers referred to us over and over again, "Don't listen to those people over there.." "... like those people over there..." "be louder than those people over there..." Please. They made us the stars of their event. Gracias. We interrupted their mojo and everyone could feel it. It was palpable. An ominous moment occurred when we were chanting, "Who will pay?" and two of the guys across the street holding their astroturfed signs were pointing back at us. They know who will be forced to foot the bill for this, and they greedily sign on. They are vultures and they know we are to be the meat. But that is why we were there today, and why we will there from now on.
Well, we haven't stood up to them that much. I was at the counter rally against Hillary Care in 1994. Our group in Seattle turned the tide against it. After Kirby and John's Saturday event protesters met Hillary at every stop across the country. She couldn't get the momentum back, so her national tour was a negative, not a booster.

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