Friday, May 29, 2009

Speak out against government takeover of medical care Saturday

If our US government can save money on health care why don't they do it first with Medicare? But without rationing. Hugh Hewitt explains. Dick Morris has a succinct way to express the big problem of single-payer. Now when your insurance denies a benefit to you they say "we won't pay for it." You have to option of paying for it yourself. But when Big Government runs the whole show they will say "You can't have the treatment." Just plain "NO" and you will have no options. The strategy is not to go straight to single-payer, but to allow private insurance to "compete" against the federal government. The government doesn't compete; it monopolizes. After it starts they will change the rules to drive out the privates. Then they will have complete control.

There will be a march against the government takeover of medical care - in response to a march in favor.

Saturday 1:00 pm across from Westlake Park - on the north side of Pine St. between 4th and 5th Avenues.

This gathering is ahead of when the march will arrive. So plan to be there for a long time. Bring a creative sign. Organized by Seattle Sons & Daughters of Liberty.

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