Thursday, January 28, 2010

Buenos Aires to Fin del Mundo

We joined our tour group by moving to a top luxury hotel. Emprador was nice but Palacio Duhau is well above it. And in one of the best neighborhoods. The city tour sampled the neighborhoods. La Boca has houses in a variety of strong colors. The Recoleta cemetary has hundreds of ornate crypts I guess. Small buildings with underground entry burial places. Several interesting styles and ornate Today we flew to the south tip of So America to Ushuaia. Like SE Alaska. Rainey. Steep streets and lack of la d to build on. The ship we were to go on was damaged so Travel Dynamics added two days at their expense - room, meals and tours. Today fles and just walked the town. Different, but lots of tourist shops. A tour tomorrow. Another Sat. Then on the ship. It's not easy to type and to correct on the IPhone.

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