Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet new Mac

Following the sudden death of my Mac in the Pacific Ocean, I set off Monday morning for a quick post mortem, knowing it would end with a purchase. I was going to buy another MacBook. After two years they are a little more capable - especially the track pad - and a bit cheaper for more memory. My external backup hard drive uses the firewire interface and - surprise - the MacBook is less capable there; no longer offered. So - throw me into the briar patch - I had to buy a MacBook Pro. It's very nice and only $200 more. It's aluminum instead of plastic, like my PowerBook G4 of the past, has backlit keyboard, firewire 800, and probably better graphics processor. The display looks great. Sweet. But firewire 800 has a big disadvantage versus 400. FW 400 uses a sturdy connector with a metal sheaf that clicks firmly in. FW 800 has a cheap plastic connector that comes out easily. Data can be lost if the hard drive becomes disconnected. Bad design decision. --- I am frantically restoring my data from the Time Machine backup. It's strange because I have two administrator accounts that block each other from accessing their files. I am making slow progress. There must be a better way. I am even reading about the whole area of accounts and file permissions. Desperate, eh?

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