Friday, January 01, 2010

The poorest defense of a poor performance

David Broder wrote the lamest defense of a policy person I have ever seen today. Washington Post

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano went on at least three of the Sunday snoozers last week to proclaim "The system worked." It didn't. The traveling public saved the aircraft, not the thousands of well-paid, full-time civil servants she employs. Her system failed.


The next day she was backtracking saying "My comments were taken out of context." They were not. Of course she moved the playing field. Monday she said that Sunday she was talking about the response after the attack - not preventing it.

Then she flipflopped: "the system didn't work."

Broder mentions her Sunday performance in passing. He doesn't look at how ridiculous her words were. But he went on to observe how cool she looked. She must have been up half the night; tired. But she looked good.

If you want cool in front of the television cameras instead of competent, you have it - 0bama and Janet Incompetano. But get used to attacks on our soil and successful ones followed by cool responses from politicians who take no responsibility for their own actions. And they will still blame President George W. Bush.

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