Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our threat is global warming not Iran and Islamic radicals

Obama has finally realized that he can't borrow an infinite amount of money. He has to cut something. But the unions own him; they won't allow freezing pay levels just because people in industry are losing their jobs. He is busy pushing food stamps and other welfare programs on anyone and everyone. Cut spening? "Can't. Too busy increasing it." Where can he cut? On defending you - one of the few essential programs of the federal government. Our US Constitution allows the national government to do a very limited list of things and the states to do anything. Defending our borders is on that short list. Obama, excuse me, President Obama took the oath of office to defend the Constitution. Well, he seems to find it inconvenient. Where can he cut? He is lining up the pins to cut our defense while throwing billions at his buddies. The Quadrenniel Defense Review (QDR) is a review done by the Defense Department every four years to set its priorities. It goes through all the threats and our ability to counter them, then sets the direction we must take to be ready for the next years in the future. It is the opportunity to correct course for our defense. Obama's generals and admirals did the work for him. They see no threat in radical Islam. Bombing an aircraft with 300 people over Detroit by a member of a radical cell in Yemen? That's a police issue for Obama. They see no threat in Iran. Obama is going to talk with them without conditions. Well, he already tried that and ... Pay no attention to how the situation got worse instead of better. The threat? Global Warming. No, call it Climate Change. The QDR report is only 128 pages and 8 of them are about defending our borders from Climate Change. Using our defense dollars. In the hands of a Chicago machine boss the QDR is one more exercise in rewarding friends and punishing enemies. Who cares about defending the people he promised to defend? This is stranger than fiction. Via James Corum of Baltic Defense College in Estonia writing at Telegraph (U.K.).

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