Thursday, February 25, 2010

Senate passes new rules on spending; Violates them right away

Senate passed new rules on spending two weeks ago. And violated them this week. Does it appear they are not serious? Washington Times:
It took less than two weeks for lawmakers to vote to break new rules requiring that new spending be offset elsewhere in the budget, waiving the requirement just minutes before a strong bipartisan majority passed a $15 billion job-creation bill in the Senate on Wednesday. The bill continues highway construction and offers a payroll tax break for businesses that hire unemployed workers. Given the state of the economy, supporters said the bill was too important to hold up. "This is a good bill, it's a focused bill, it's a modest bill, but it will do some good for the hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions who are looking desperately for work," said Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, who crafted the payroll tax break in the bill.
Who will defend their irresponsibility? The Senator who wrote the bill?
President Obama signed the budgeting change into law Feb. 12 and, a day later, lectured Congress to heed the restrictions. "This rule is necessary, and that is why I am pleased that Congress fulfilled my request to restore it," he said in his weekly radio address.

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