Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I-1098, for a state Income Tax, gets huge support from public-employee unions

Do you have the impression that the anti-income-tax people are only high income fat cats? The Seattle Times emphasizes their donations and again. But take a closer look; look past the headlines. The unions are putting more money into the pro campaign than the high income people are. And little people are also putting their money into the anti-income-tax campaign. The support is a few groups, but the opposition is a lot of individuals. Here are the data on donations the defeat campaign found at the state Public Disclosure Commission. Shown at
Overall total amount raised: Defeat 1098 - $3,495,256 Yes on 1098 - $3,610,096 known as WASHINGTONIANS FOR EDUCATION HEALTH & TAX RELIEF Total contributions: Defeat 1098 – 2,367 Yes on 1098 – 531
"Defeat" has far more donors (above) and small donations, below.
Contributions $25 or less: Defeat 1098 - 887 Yes on 1098 - 189 Average contribution amount: Defeat 1098 - $1,477 Yes on 1098 - $6,799 Overall total from SEIU union: Defeat 1098 – $0 Yes on 1098 - $1,359,080 Overall total from unions: Defeat 1098 - $0 Yes on 1098 - $2,045,728
The public-employee unions are giving more money than the high-income people - over $1 million from Service Employees International Union and $100,000 each from the Washington Education Association and the Washington Federation of State Employees. Money from their members, of course.


dantebgarcia said...

I think there is a clear fallacy in your posted stats: your contributions comparison doesn't bother to concider the fact that a union is comprised of working individuals who have agreed to pool their resources to shift the political climate--if we were to break down the 1.2 million dollars SEIU contributed to each individual that said yes to providing 2% of their pay to the cause, it would destroy your 2,367 "no to I-1098" contributions.

so if we want to talk about small contributions ...concider many working class people giving 2% of their OWN paychecks to this campaign would it take to hit 1.2 mil?--hm....

Ron said...

You say the union members have "agreed to pool their resources". Become a member of SEIU and disagree and see where it gets you. You certainly don't get to choose where you money goes. You can't get your money back.

A close friend was forced into that outfit by a state law, that is, by the Democrat Legislature and governor. Benefit to friend: zero. Cost: greater than zero.