Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trails in Puget Sound and north

Washington Trails Association is the group of active hikers who help maintain trails and want to attract more. They have information about trails online. Washington Trails Association web site Wylie Slough on Fir Island in the Skagit Delta Lots of water fowl from autumn to spring, starring the snow geese, but avoid hunting season. Anacortes trails on Fidalgo Island Anacortes, as well as salt water all around, has 2,200 acres of forest area including numerous short hikes, there is something here for everybody. Families can take the short trail 20 to Whistle Lake, while others can plan a route to include several of the features of the area that include a summit with a view of Puget Sound, several lakes, and even a bog. Chuckanut Drive just south of Bellingham Oyster Dome is high above the Chukanut sandstone north of Puget Sound.* * I am a purist on the location of Puget Sound. Its north end is Admiralty Inlet between Port Townsend and Admiralty Head in the Fort Casey/Ebey area of Whidbey Island.

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