Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Conventional wisdom radio

If you want to hear the conventional wisdom on today's events you don't have to turn to ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN. KVI's morning host Bryan Suits provides it every day. He has exclusive access to long conversations with ABC News reporters around the world. And they avoid all controversy and carefully script the conventional wisdom. In his exclusive interview with an ABC woman in London (impressed?) today she couldn't even say that Jimi Heselden the owner of Segway who rode his Segway off a cliff into a river took a risk and lost - a combination of bold and dumb. No "... all possibilities will have to be considered..." And that is typical, not the exception. Conventional. How about a call in from the analysts at National Review, Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute... Prof. Michael Perry, Megan McArdle at Atlantic Mag... There are huge resources of interest to KVI's audience. Suits himself is much better. He is bright and interesting. He brings up interesting viewpoints on local/regional stories. So, if you like the conventional wisdom, tune to KVI from 5 to 9 am. Or else... Go online. But if you are driving there are few choices. Tune in Glenn Beck; he is very interesting, but he is into cosmic issues. A good local host who highlights the issues avoided by our big media is a treasure. John Carlson, David Boze. Bryan is with them - about half the time; the rest ... yawn.

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