Monday, October 04, 2010

Antarctica in Google Earth Street View

This gives an idea what it is like to be in Antarctica on a beautiful day. About two of our five and a half days were like this, plus one with filtered sunlight.

This is one of the closer views of people. And this might be one of Travel Dynamics two ships - Corinthian II and Clelia II - because the people are wearing the same bright red parkas and navy blue inflatable life jackets. We know its not us because we didn't go to this island - Half Moon Island.

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You can "turn around" by clicking and dragging left or right. When you hover over the photo a yellow line appears with chevron marks on it. Click on a chevron to move along the "street" that Google's camera was following. Before following the yellow line you might want to turn your view so you are looking along it. The current view is to the side.

The photo part shows fuzzy; I don't know why. Click the "View Larger Map" link for a much larger, sharper view.

Street View requires Google Earth plug-in for Google Maps.

Update Bonus: A guy has set up a large window of one of the same views, so it pans (rotates right) automatically. It's worth a view. Keir Clarke Update: The guy who took the photos for Google Street View says he was the ship Minerva the week of January 23, 2010, just one week ahead of us.

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