Friday, October 01, 2010

Pelosi/Reid Congress refuses to do its job

Congress spends a lot of time fooling with nonsense, while not performing its most essential functions. Thursday Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi passed a law controlling the volume of TV commercials. A big victory for those who don't have the will to hit the volume button. At the same time it refused to do one of the few things it really has to do - pass the budget. Friday was the first day of the new fiscal year. They have had nine months to pass the budget - 9 months. They didn't do it. Reid and Pelosi's Democrat Party has complete control of both the House and Senate. Why didn't they pass the budget? They have cobbled an excuse, but no reason. Investors Business Daily
... In the 14th-century poem "Parlement of Foules," Chaucer dreams of a comic parliamentary debate of birds. In 21st century America, our birdbrain legislature is a nightmare come true. Why would a Congress so firmly in the hands of one party and one ideology have to enact a continuing resolution to forestall a government shutdown, instead of passing a budget as required under law? When it has no worries about the president vetoing such a spending plan (he isn't running for re-election this year), why can't it get its act together? Because congressional Democrats are in a state of panic. They know an electoral catastrophe is looming, and inaction is easier to defend than action — especially actions such as spending trillions and letting the biggest tax increase in history take effect.
What a mess... They just couldn't allow the public to see how they would vote. We would have seen how badly they are overspending. Be sure to ask Reps. Jay Inslee, Rick Larsen, Adam Smith and Norm Dicks why they came home without doing what they were sent to DC to do. Oh... another thing. They just didn't have time to deal with Rep. Charles Rangel, who had to step down as Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, the investigation into his ethics violations. He has four (4) rent-controlled apartments in New York City; he had his staff work on his personal charity. The House has the report from the Ethics committee, but they refused to hold hearings.

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