Monday, October 18, 2010

An old friend is departing - 757

Friend? My favorite Boeing airplane for a couple of decades, the 757. British Air (BA), one of the launch customers of the 757, is retiring their last three 757 aircraft. British was a launch customer, along with Eastern Airline, and introduced theirs in 1983 and bought 54 of them.

Pilots loved the 757. I had a friend who was an airline pilot and he loved the 757. It was overpowered, so in a few situations the pilot could get out of trouble by "hitting the gas."

To commemorate the occasion later this month BA painted one of the three last aircraft, G-CPET, in the original livery (paint job). Though being retired from BA service these aircraft will serve many more years in cargo service or in a 3d-world country that operates old aircraft.

Via Seattle P-I Airline Reporter blog.

Photo from Click for a larger image.

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