Saturday, October 09, 2010

War on our sleepy Key Peninsula

The Key Peninsula is out of the way - you don't "drive through" a peninsula, because they are all dead ends - and quiet. Little culture - a lavender farm or two, a winery, one sculptor, but no other artists of note, and the down home Longbranch Improvement Club.

But war broke out Thursday night. An armed robbery of a marijuana grow/drug selling operation. One dead, at least two wounded, some thugs on the run, probably armed. We assume those on the run are looking for homes to break into to find keys and steal vehicles or to hide out until things cool off.

Our little cabin is about two miles away, so hopefully the thugs will find what they want without going so far. And they would be inclined to go east, the way they came, rather than west, toward our place. Although help is coming from the east... might avoid going that way.

I sincerely hope none of our neighbors is robbed or burglarized.

Seattle Times

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