Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Company follows greens' law. Greens fight company

The greens got the voters to approve I-937 in 2006 which requires renewable energy sources provide an increased portion of Washington's electricity. So a company is taking steps to follow the law's requirements. Adage announced a biomass power plant near Shelton and expects to create 400 jobs.

So the greens are fighting tooth and nail against Adage developing a new "renewable" power source as their law requires. First they attacked the enforcer Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA). The Olympian reported that they glued the locks shut and threw a brick through a window.

Why do they put their dream in law then attack those obey the law?

They claim that the biomass plant will cause CO2 emissions. Wrong. Biomass energy is CO2 neutral because long-term decomposition releases the same amount of CO2 as burning. And burning it produces energy and reduces the need for another energy source that releases CO2.

They claim acid rain. But Evergreen Freedom Foundation says:
... The EPA tracks acid rain causing emissions. You can see the amounts of sulfur and nitrogen measured by the EPA here. Both levels are extremely low - some of the lowest in the nation. As for smog, the EPA reports there were exactly zero (0) unhealthy days for "asthma and other lung disease" in Mason County in all of 2009.
Particulate matter? We have laws for that! Don't you know?
Gordon Lance, the engineer for the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency assigned to determine if the project meets EPA air quality standards, said "The only way the application will be approved is if Adage meets the air quality standards."
Explain that to me. Why do they put their dream in law then attack those obey the law? And even those who enforce it?

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