Sunday, January 23, 2011

King tides January 21 to 24

The highest tides of the winter. Many people's property are threatened when these high tides are combined with the low pressure and the wind-driven waves of a storm. But some people get damage from the tide alone. They should be making plans to correct their situation.

Our waterfront property doesn't have this problem - with or without a storm. At least the cabin doesn't. We have had minor erosion behind our bulkhead in past storms.

Look at water in yards, parks and over roadways; the latter in La Connor and Port Orchard. On January 22 most of the photos were dates 1/21/11 or 1/22/11. Someone has named the highest tides of the year "king tides."

Wash Dept. Ecology

P.S. I got a very good view of a mature bald eagle at sunrise in Lake Forest Park this morning. He landed high in a cottonwood tree half a block from Bothell Way NE aka Highway 522.

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