Friday, January 07, 2011

Rep. Inslee is confused about the US Constitution

Honorable Jay Inslee made a big fuss about the reading of the US Constitution in the House of Representatives Thursday. He had a question: Which version of the Constitution would be read? Seattle Times He was complaining about "... edited, redacted and incomplete version..." And he couched it in very friendly language. They read the version of the Constitution that he, Honorable Jay Inslee, swore to uphold the day before. He should be up on it since he swore that oath on January 5, 2011. Bothell Reporter Did he complain then? Apparently he wanted a history lesson of all the original text and the amendments to show the dirty laundry of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The floor of Congress is not the place for the history lesson. But it is the place to keep in mind the Constitution that rules - is supposed to rule - their proceedings. The Constitution as amended. History And he needs a history lesson. He joined the chorus about slaves being counted as 3/5 of a person. That was a compromise. The slave states wanted full counting of slaves when determining representation; the abolitionists wanted zero. There were so many slaves that full counting would give the slave states a very large say in running the US, which would prevent the needed changes. The states like Massachusetts wanted to end slavery. Not allowing the slave states control would make it more possible. But there would be no United States of America unless all the thirteen colonies agreed and 3/5 was the compromise that made it possible. When they were able to end slavery they removed the 3/5 and gave former slaves full representation.


BlackRhino said...

The three-fifths compromise between the slave-holding states which wanted slaves to count as equal to free persons in order to increase their voting strength in Congress and non-slave holding states which did not want slaves to count for congressional apportionment at all. This compromise had the effect of increasing the political power of slave-holding states by increasing their share of seats in the House of Representatives.

But that aside, why not read it? If this is a lesson, why do we hide the lessons we have learned from?

Ron said...

Black Rhino is saying that 3/5 increases slave state power versus counting slaves as 0. True. Those who say 3/5 is an insult would want 1, but that would give the slave states even more power.

Does Jay Inslee want to change history to give more power to the slave owners? (Don't expect him to think it through; that might interfere with his name calling.)

Congress makes decisions based on the current constitution. Give your history lessons in high schools.