Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cairo-like demonstrations move to Wisconsin but opposite purpose

Madison, Wisconsin, is a mess now. The teachers are on an illegal strike, so they can go harass the now-Republican Governor and Legislature. But they don't want representative government, like in Egypt. They are against it. They are fighting in opposition to the outcome of the November, 2010, election.

The Hill

Protests that have consumed Wisconsin's state Capitol are similar to the heated pro-democracy demonstrations in Cairo, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan (R) said Thursday.

Large crowds of public workers have descended on Madison, the state capital, to voice their opposition to Republican Gov. Scott Walker's plan to make them pay for their health insurance and pension benefits. Ryan said the demonstrators are reminiscent of the crowds that forced Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak out of power, even though he praised Walker's plan.

"He's getting riots. It's like Cairo's moved to Madison these days," Ryan said of Walker on MSNBC. "It's just — all of this demonstration. It's fine, people should be able to express their way. But we've got to get this deficit and debt under control."

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