Monday, February 14, 2011

Indiana controls; Washington spends

Austin Jenkins for Public Radio compared Washington to Indiana since they are about the same size at his web site/blog.

Budget: Indiana has a $270 million budget problem this year. Wow! Our leaders (all Democrats) got us into a huge hole.

Employees: He found that state employment outside education has shrunk about 20 per cent in Indiana since 2005, while it has grown in Washington. The only number he gives for Washington is since 1985 - up 46% - but our employment has continued growth in recent years, not shrunk. But Indiana's state employee number has shrunk to the same as 1975!

Employee unions and contracting: Washington State employees were allowed to organize and bargain in exchange for an increase in private contracting. But the bargain has been severely one sided - limited by the employees. Washington Policy Center - Columbian Newspaper They have been allowed to stop the contracting - by their collective bargaining!

The Legislature should either enforce the bargain or end it - end both sides. The one side was never allowed to develop, so this will mean stopping collective bargaining.

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