Thursday, February 17, 2011

Threats against Wisconsin governor and class warfare

Newly elected Governor Walker of Wisconsin has received death threats. Also Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and two State Senators. From right-wingers? After all they are the only group who would do such a thing and CNN said so.

But no one is speaking about the source. Strange. If it were the right they would be shouting from the rooftops.

But the battle out in the open is public employees demanding maintaining or raising spending levels and not having to pay more for their generous benefits.


I could not find any follow up, but the following item. I couldn't find any active conservative blogs in Wisconsin.

Public employees held a demonstration on the lawn of Gov. Walker's home, while he was at work. And the Milwaukee teachers held and illegal strike Wednesday; so many called in sick that they had to close the schools. Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

More: The public-employee unions are threatening "class warfare." Source: The Cap Times, which says it's progressive.

See also: The thugs come out in Wisconsin - Jay Nordlinger at National Review Online- And: Which side are you on? - Scott Johnson at PowerLine Blog

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