Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Nancy, this is serious

Nancy Pelosi forced ObamaCare through despite its unpopularity and concerns that parts of it were unconstitutional. When asked about unconstitutionality she responded, "Are you serious?" From her perch in San Francisco only a nut would follow the constraints of the US Constitution, which Boss* Nancy swore to uphold.

Betsey McCaughey on the court ruling against Nancy's monster at NY Post

... But there's a solid chance that the whole ObamaCare law may be null and void.

Just minutes after the president signed the law on March 23, 2010, Florida filed a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality. Now 26 states have joined that challenge, with more coming on weekly.

Vinson ruled yesterday that Congress can't compel people to buy health insurance. More important, he found that -- in clear keeping with the intent of Congress -- that makes the whole law void.

Typically, complex laws contain a "severability clause," saying that if a court strikes down one part, all other parts remain enforceable. But ObamaCare's authors insisted that without mandatory insurance, the law's other provisions wouldn't work -- and removed the severability clause before the law was passed.

Vinson relied on what Congress members and the administration said in defense of the mandate to reason that without it, the rest of the law won't work. He compared the 2,600-page law to a precision watch whose many parts operate in tandem: If one part can't work, none can. Another metaphor would be a house of cards.

So the judge followed what the Democratics said - ObamaCare would fall apart if the insurance mandate were removed. They made their bed; now they must sleep in it.

* We call her "Boss" because she learned from her father who was a political boss in Baltimore. She knows raw power. Period.

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