Saturday, March 12, 2011

How can we get a state budget?

There had better be serious people trying to get state expenditures to match actual revenues. But where are they?

I attended a district meeting held by my two state representatives and senator this morning. I got there late and just heard "we can't cut this" and "we can't cut that" plus an update on local development.

I asked people who were there for the full event and that's what I missed: "we can't cut here/there" plus "how can we close loopholes and get more tax revenue?" One representative admitted that closing loopholes is raising taxes and cannot be done without 2/3 majority and that won't happen. But that was the only budget reality in the two-hour session.

They had negative words for every proposed cut in spending that was mentioned. Did they have ideas for the huge cuts needed? They did not try to prepare their constituents for today's reality for the budget.

So they are not part of the solution. Who is?

Chris Gregoire? She led the increase in spending for the 2009-2011 budget when revenues had already decreased!! And she hardly got an inch in controlling the cost of benefits for state employees represented by unions when she knew she needed 10 yards.

The ball is in the Democrats' hands. But their team is not helping.

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Anonymous said...

Let's tax affluent, white collar, retirees on the east side.