Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Obama must think he is king

President Obama just wants to wear the crown and be the head of state - the king. Smile and get all the glory. The job of President of the US combines the head of state with the head of government, which is the prime minister in many countries.

But he has a real job to do - lead our government and he is failing at it. He simply is not doing the job.

John Podhoretz in Commentary Magazine says Richard Nixon did a good job. But Barrack H Obama is not performing the job.

He is largely notable by his absence, which is itself the result not only of not knowing what to do but also apparently believing it is better for the world if he remains a minor player as a bloodbath approaches in the Middle East and something more ominous seems to be approaching in Japan. When he talks, as he did in Friday’s press conference, he only makes matters more confusing; there is little reassurance that there is a hand anywhere near the tiller.

Obama’s defiant unwillingness to take the measure of the world’s multiple crises and to act as a world leader in response to them in the eyes of the public indicates a fundamental disconnect in the Oval Office. We’ve heard all kinds of talk about how his new team in the White House is so much better than the old, but at least the old team recognized there was a crisis underway in the United States in 2009. It reacted too gleefully, and with wild overreach. But it acted.

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