Saturday, October 01, 2011

Elected chief education bureaucrat Dorn refuses to do his job

Oh, schools are so efficiently run that they couldn't cut one dollar of their spending. Yeh...
Seattle Times
In a symbolic showdown between Gov. Chris Gregoire and Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn, Seattle education officials are not surprisingly taking Dorn's side.
Dorn is refusing to give the governor a list of potential ways state education funding can be cut to help close a projected $2 billion revenue shortfall. He sent a letter to Gregoire this week saying that doing so would violate the state constitution and his oath of office. 
"I cannot, in good conscience, submit a budget ... that is consistent with (your) requirements," he wrote. 
It's a symbolic move: All parties, including Dorn, have acknowledged education funding will be cut when the Legislature convenes in November to deal with the shortfall. The only question is where the cuts will be. 
And by not submitting a list of ideas to guide the Legislature — as all of the other agency directors have — Gregoire spokesman Cory Curtis says Dorn is making it harder for the state to make "the best decisions for the kids."

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