Saturday, October 08, 2011

Huge, beautiful lighthouse lens in Westport

Westport Maritime Museum in Westport, Washington, has a new display of the huge, first-order Fresnel lens that was in the lighthouse at Destruction Island 50 miles north of Westport. The lens is huge - eight feet plus pedestal. But it was efficient: it warned mariners for miles around with a kerosene lamp (later a 1,000 watt bulb).

Westport was given it in 1998, refurbished it and built a special building to display it.

Westport also has the Grays Harbor lighthouse south of town, which is still active. The site is maintained by the community and the light by the Coast Guard.

This is my kind of fun! (The license plate on my car has a lighthouse on it.) I will go see it... and the beautiful area of south Grays Harbor and the coast south of Westport - Grayland, etc. I always like to explore places.

Source: Seattle Times has two excellent photos.

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