Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Government employees paid for not working

Tacoma, Washington teachers refused to work for 8 school days, causing great disruption for the families of 28,000 students. They defied a court order to return to work. KING-5

After the strike they were worried they would not be paid "on time" for the days they didn't work. Huh? "Paid on time" surely means paid next June when they work the days they refused to work. No. The Tacoma School District bent over backward to find a way to pay them now.

If you refuse to work do you get paid? Get paid when you would have been paid had you worked?
Tacoma News Tribune

[At Washington Policy Center Liv Finne says the WEA union gambled and lost; they caused the strike, but didn't get what they wanted for it.]

FAA workers were furloughed for two weeks. They did not work. But they are receiving "back pay" now that the authorization bill is in place. It's not back pay; it's a gift. They are government workers and "it wasn't their fault." Elsewhere in government and industry they would be happy to be called back from furlough.
Anchorage ADN

There must be more cases of paying for not working in the public sector. Any private examples?

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