Sunday, February 03, 2013

Can't tackle budget w/o tackling entitlements

We can't tackle our US budget w/o tackling entitlements.

Patterico paints the picture clearly, showing how the numbers (don't) add up.

If the so-called entitlements are truly programs that can never be cut, then we have to close the ENTIRE federal government - even the loving bureaucrats who hand out the entitlement checks - in order to stoop living on massive borrowed money. Is cutting the military and border control acceptable? How about the Food and Drug Administration and FBI? How about the Department of Health and Human Services? The Education Department? Veterans Affairs?

If not, we have to save money on MediCare, Medicaid and other medical care. We have to look at Food Stamps and welfare. We have to consider Social Security.

Patterico shows the situation in words and a few tables of numbers. Pretty compact. And he links to a video of the same.


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