Saturday, February 16, 2013

Will this (six tax increases) be enough?

Six tax increases were considered Thursday at at hearing of the State Senate Ways and Means Committee. Beer, plastic shopping bags! Biased newspapers - who decides what bias is? Removing limitations on the cruel B&O tax. And, based on past popularity, Bill Gates's income tax. Sound Politics

Committee Chairman Andy Hill asked each testifier: Will this (all six tax increases) be enough? The WEA just couldn't find words to answer. Their answer has always been: we need more money. It looks like it still is.

Tim Eyman's latest initiative to requires a 2/3 majority to increase taxes or a vote of the people passed in all 39 counties.

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Anonymous said...

Many small business owners are facing significant tax increases that will force them to lay off workers and or raise their prices, both of which cost the middle class. Nobody completely escapes tax increases. It is not just income taxes, the middle class will be spending more for many things as well as other tax increases that impact everyone is some way. To see more info please visit