Thursday, April 25, 2013

Boehner has cut costs in House operations

House Speaker Boehner has cut costs in House operations. Down 15% from three years ago. This is not a phony cut - a reduction in the increase, that is, a smaller increase. The spending level is LOWER by 15%. This will result is savings of $400 million through this year.

Obama says he can't cut anything. Well… he does the kind of "cuts" that are increases.

USA Today

… Leading Democrats have chafed at the belt tightening, arguing it undermines adequate personnel resources for research and oversight. "We are past the point of cutting what we want, and we are now into cutting what we need — our ability to attract and retain expert staff," said Rep. Robert Brady, D-Pa., in opposition to further committee cuts approved in March.

True to form for the Democrats. They still can't see $15 trillion in debt.

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